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DIAS : The "missing piece"of
Defence Industry

The Defence Industry is a complex and unique “market”.

For a business to succeed and position to effectively capture opportunities, it needs a detailed knowledge of the sector, end-user capability requirements and key demand/supply drivers.


DIAS was established to meet a persistent frustration in Defence Industry of difficulties in navigating the  Defence sector and there being limited access to the small pool of professionals, advisors and executives in Australia with a successful track record in this sector.

DIAS has the detailed knowledge, experience and networks to assist clients to effectively navigate, engage and grow across the Sector.

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Navigating the Defence Sector and building relationships

Success in Defence often is a case of “who and what you know”.


Understanding where a company’s capabilities fit within the Defence market and how to engage with the relevant stakeholders to capture opportunities is a significant challenge.

Without support it can often take businesses 5+ years to achieve deliberate success.


With targeted support this can be compressed significantly.

DIAS has supported numerous clients to accelerate market entry and business growth through capture planning and relationships-building.

Being ready for Defence Engagement

Through necessity, the Defence sector has a lower tolerance for risk than some others.


It is critical to ensure a business has the appropriate systems and processes to execute and present a low risk to defence customers. We refer to this activity as “Defence readiness”.


DIAS offers not just the initial consulting advice on ‘Defence readiness’ across a comprehensive range of business operations, but also the implementation support to maximise the success achieved.

DIAS has regularly supported clients to enhance business readiness and capability development to achieve greater maturity and reduce risk.

Navigating the Defence sector and building relationships

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