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Trade Controls Advice and Support

Defence exports are highly-regulated in all countries, often with extra-territoriality of controls imposed and the regulatory frameworks.


Without experience, understanding the implications of Export Controls can be both daunting and costly.


Doing too little can result in fines, jail time, or costly commercial impediments, such as “ITAR Taint”. Equally, implementing excessive controls within a business can have a significant impact on internal business efficiencies.

DIAS has extensive experience in assessing export controls and developing 'best practice' and compliant solutions for our clients.

DIAS has advised dozens of SMEs directly and was also funded by Defence to provide US Export Control training to Australian industry.


Key services associated with Defence Trade Controls include:

  • Defence Trade Control Awareness

  • Defence Trade Control Advice 

  • Export Control Planning and Support

  • Training, coaching and mentoring

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