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Recent Projects

DIAS provides specialised services to a cohort of clients across all tiers of the Defence supply chain – from large multi-national primes, through to Small and Medium businesses and small innovation start-ups.


A small sample of our recent projects and client successes are outlined in the following testimonials:

Australian Aerospace Engineering Logo
A structured pathway to Defence market success

Australian Aerospace Engineering (AAE) is an Australian-owned SME Part 145 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility, manufacturer of aeronautical products and distributor of aerospace hardware. 

Supporting AAE at Trade Shows

“Our long term partnership with DIAS has spanned over 5 years. As a micro SME, our resources are precious, every investment we make is calculated and needs to generate a return. The DIAS team guided us to create a well-planned Defence market strategy and provided ongoing capacity to help ensure that we executed the strategy, taking steps that benefited us now, while planting seeds to secure a pipeline of work for the future. 


In 2019 our Defence activities were irregular at best; since then our business has grown substantially and support to Defence clients represents a significant proportion of our revenue.  We are proud to keep our ADF capabilities flying and are truly grateful for the support of Andrew and the DIAS Team!”


                                    Adam Johnston - Chief Executive Officer, AAE

The value of trusted partners

Corvus Technology Solutions (CTS) is a fusion of nearly five decades of OEM experience, technology, capability, and skill to provide unique solutions for the Defence Industry.

CTS Logo
CTS Product Capability

ANCA Group, proudly Australian-owned, stands at the forefront of the advanced manufacturing sector.  Our cutting-edge products  have secured us a spot among the leading CNC manufacturers in our field globally. Given the limited size of the Australian market, we export 99% of our output, showcasing our excellence on the international stage.

Our journey took a transformative turn during the COVID-19 pandemic, when our involvement in a vital ventilator project highlighted the unparalleled benefits of our vertically integrated operations.  This experience not only showcased our capabilities beyond our standard product range but also underscored our commitment to innovation and excellence. 

This venture led us to connect with DIAS through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre. DIAS quickly grasped the significance of our expertise and facilitated our introduction to Hanwha and the Land400 Program for the Australian Army. Our pivotal role as a critical supplier to Hanwha is testament to our adaptability and high standards we uphold.

Our collaboration with DIAS transcends a single project. As strategic partners, they were instrumental in our expansion into the Defence market.  With DIAS' guidance, we launched Corvus Technology Solutions (CTS), enhancing our corporate structure to better serve the Defence sector's stringent security and quality requirements.  CTS represents our commitment to delivering superior products and services, tailored to meet the specific needs of the Defence Industry.

The DIAS team's invaluable advice and support have been a cornerstone of our success.  They supported critical sales campaigns which led to the successful establishment and growth of our CTS Defence business unit.  Together, we are defining new approaches and setting new standards in innovation, reinforcing our position as a leader in the global advanced manufacturing landscape."

                                                       Martin U. Ripple, CEO, ANCA Group

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.09.37 pm.png
Bringing globally leading technology to Defence capability

EPE’s purpose is to enable and protect Australians and our Allies to operate safely and securely in harmful environments or when exposed to risk.  We provide solutions for force protection, to counter improvised and CBRN threats in support of Defence Forces, Law Enforcement and other government agencies in Australia, New Zealand and our broader international allies.


“As a leading Australian veteran owned SME, at EPE, we are proud of decades of keeping our Australian and allied service personnel safe! In 2020 we were keen to utilise our team and knowhow to make a step change in our genuine Sovereign Industrial Capability. 

The DIAS team helped us prioritise the myriad of Sovereign Industrial Capability concepts that we had developed into areas that maximised the benefit to Defence and were built on a sound business case. This not only led to a successful SICP grant outcome but ensured that EPE and Defence’s investment in capability (MILTECS) maximised Defence outcomes in a manner that was commercially sustainable for the long term. 

                                          Warwick Penrose – Managing Director, EPE

PWR Logo
Bringing globally leading technology to Defence capability

PWR provides world class cooling solutions by manufacturing high performance aluminium radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers. PWR is recognised as a world leader when it comes to high performance cooling.

PWR Thermal Solution Product

“At PWR we are proud of what we have achieved at the pinnacle of performance across multiple sectors. As we entered the Defence and Aerospace market, we engaged DIAS to guide our initial market engagements. The DIAS team translated our capabilities into language that resonated with the Defence market, assisted us to meaningfully engage key stakeholders and significantly contributed to accelerating our success. DIAS have helped PWR enter A&D as a new market and quickly understand the sector structure, network, and programs to support substantial revenue growth for the PWR group."

               Andi Scott – General Manager - Advanced Technology, PWR


DMTC works collaboratively with many innovative Australian industry, research and government partners. Our focus is on delivering enhanced  defence and national security capabilities, and strengthening Australian industrial capacity.

Supporting DMTC projects
Supporting SME with Business Readiness
and Capability Uplift

"DIAS is a key delivery partner in DMTC’s Smart Enough® Factory (SEF) Program. DIAS’ specialist understanding of small to medium enterprises, operations management, defence industry stakeholders and customers, and technology has contributed significantly to the strategic development and outcomes of this initiative. The DIAS team facilitates each cohort, and support project participants to identify and define their business challenge and subsequently develop their Digitisation Strategy. In addition to the technical project this Strategy is a key outcome of this initiative.  

The SEF program has been deployed throughout Australia, with cohorts represented across both cities and regions.  Through the smart application of simple, cost-effective technologies, the project demonstrates the adoption of Industry 4.0 fundamentals in a way that is relevant to small business and gives participants a chance to observe the considerable benefits that result from their digital uplift activity.


​DIAS’ role is critical in assisting participating companies gain an understanding of the value of data to their businesses and the opportunities digitisation presents to inform decision making.


The SEF programs is part of DMTC’s broader Industry Capability Development theme, which supports Australian companies to address capability and capacity gaps and access defence supply chain opportunities."

Charlotte Morris


Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 10.36.58 AM.png

Sentinel Boats has extensive experience in manufacturing workboats for the aquaculture, fisheries, parks and public safety industries across Australia.  Our range can be customised to suit industry needs, without compromising safety or rideability.  The durability of HPDE can withstand the ferocity of hard beaching, while being a stable platform for use as support craft or in times of desperation in search and rescue missions.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.16.54 pm.png
Sentinel Boats:
Designed to Outperform, Built to Outlast


Sentinel Boats has 30 years’ experience building vessels capable of performing in the toughest conditions on the planet.  


The Sentinel Advantage comes from our use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a truly next generation boat building material that offers industry-leading performance and safety, along with whole-of-life operational savings due to its unrivalled strength and longevity.


The unique strengths of our vessels had been proven in the aquaculture, police and rescue sectors but we could not have made the successful transition to defence without the guidance and expertise of DIAS.


DIAS brought to the table a deep understanding of Defence procurement and engagement processes. They worked tirelessly and collaboratively with our team to ensure the significant operational and performance benefits of our designs, materials and construction method were understood during pretender engagements and conveyed in the most compelling and effective way across all tender documentation. 


The partnership with DIAS has been critical to Sentinel’s success – with our product now well known, respected and in-service with demanding military customers.


                                          George McGuire – CEO, Sentinel Boats 

Sutton Tools Logo
DIAS, the team behind our Defence success

Sutton Tools is an Australian family business that is renowned for its high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools for the hardware market and a wide range of specialised industrial applications, with both Australian and overseas manufacturing facilities.

Supporting Sutton Tools

"Sutton Tools is a 106 year old globally successful Australian manufacturing business. Domestically most people know us for our industrial products such as HSS drill bits available at your favourite hardware store. What wasn’t known is that our exported High-Performance tooling products continue to lead the field in European Defence and Aerospace Markets, all made locally in Melbourne. For legacy reasons, Sutton Tools hadn’t successfully pursued the Australian market in High Performance tools, until we started our association with DIAS.

With the support of the DIAS team along with their knowledge and connections, we are now well known across the Australian Defence and Aerospace manufacturing ecosystem, which includes 1st and 2nd tier defence manufacturers. As the last Australian production tooling manufacturer, Defence also now understands the enabling value that we offer to Australian Sovereign Industrial capability. 

The DIAS support and approach likely saved us years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasted effort in trying to learn the intricacies of the Defence market ourselves."


                                                            Peter Sutton – CEO, Sutton Tools

In 2023, DIAS supported dozens of clients with Trade Show engagement and Defence Capture campaigns at a number of major Tradeshows and Events, including but not limited to:


Avalon Air Show – Victoria, Australia

DSEI – London, United Kingdom

Indo Pacific International Maritime Expo – Sydney Australia


The DIAS support ensured that our clients maximised the value of their investment in attendance, ensuring that the show was attended with purpose and with numerous selectively curated meetings with potential clients and stakeholders.  These meetings were planned and facilitated by drawing upon the DIAS teams’ knowledge and connections across the industry.


The vast majority of our clients can link specific business outcomes to the trade shows and the support provided by DIAS.

Tradeshow and Event Campaigns
Supporting our clients at trade shows

“#Avalon2023 was another fantastic defence industry event! it was fantastic to catch up with the regular attendees and discuss opportunities for collaboration, as well as get some industry feedback from primes and discuss future projects. …. A big thank you to the Victorian Government, DI Advisory Services, DMTC Ltd and a number of other organisations which have assisted us on the day and assisted us to get this far in a defence journey. A special mention to Sam McNaughton and Tiffany Watkins, I think I also speak for Taya Permezel when I say it's such a pleasure working with you and the rest of the DIAS team!”

Eddie Kadic, Operations Manager at Coolon

Source: Linkedin


#DSEI and #IndoPac

“As we wrap up at DSEI 2023, we can't help but feel a sense of awe at the amazing opportunities that have come our way. 4 days packed with amazing opportunities and the chance to connect with some of the finest minds in the industry.
A heartfelt thank you to Team Defence Australia for their tireless efforts, and a special shoutout to John Dwyer & the team at DI Advisory Services for the invaluable support.                          Kheang Khauv, Managing Director                                                        1MILLIKELVIN

Source: Linkedin

1mK Team
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