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Business Strategy Development

Pursuing opportunities in complex markets such as Defence, Resources, Manufacturing, and Transport, present many challenges as they are often not driven by common commercial drivers.


Complex markets require a sound strategy ensuring that all efforts are well spent. Additionally, the techniques and processes used to maximise success in the Defence market apply to these other sectors and, therefore help the business to grow in a diversified manner across multiple sectors.

DIAS is valued for our unique approach to develop longer-term multi-sectoral strategies, aligned to opportunities, for our clients and to guide implementation and refinement as the business grows and the environment changes.

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Some of the key activities that have been undertaken in this Service Stream include:


  • Sector business strategy development

  • analysis of the applicable market landscape relevant to the client’s capabilities

  • identifying and mapping the relevant capabilities / projects that align to the client’s industrial capability (and strengths)

  • within the context of targeted opportunities, identify strengths, weaknesses and competitors

  • Strategy Execution Plans (Policy Deployment)

  • Strategy execution support and coaching

  • Governance Board Advisory Support

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