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Defence Market Engagement and Business Capture

Success in the defence sector requires a committed strategic approach to create long term and sustainable growth. 

There are many factors that influence buying behaviours in this market, such as the timing of upcoming projects, the Defence Capability Lifecycle and the type of product or service being sold.

In introducing a capability into service, Defence needs to understand the current state of technology, understand what is available within Australia, understand interoperability with allies, define requirements in context of an overarching capability and then finally competitively select a supplier or suppliers.


There is also a vast number of stakeholders across all levels of Government, academia and Industry, as well as extensive inter-relationships, policies and processes. 


Potential suppliers need to undertake different activities to assist the outcome during this period.  It can be difficult to effectively navigate without a detailed understanding of the sector and a network of existing relationships.

DIAS assists companies to navigate the sector, develop detailed capture plans and  engage effectively to accelerate success.

Market Engagement and Stakeholder Communications

The DIAS team has a very strong and highly-trusted network across all levels of Government and Industry, including with Capability and Procurement Decision Makers, Industry Senior Executives and Industry Associations both here and overseas.  


Key activities provided to clients under this Service Stream include:

  • Strategic Government, Academia and Industry Stakeholder Engagement Planning and facilitated engagements

  • Preparation of artefacts, including media/ministerial content

  • Monitoring and Reviews of strategy and activities

Business Capture

Utilising DIAS' structured and proven methodology, DIAS tailors processes to assist companies to navigate the sector and engage effectively to accelerate success.


This has helped clients to  substantially reduce the time to successfully enter and sustain success in the Defence market.


Some of the key activities undertaken in this Service Stream include:

  • Defence business capture planning, opportunity identification and Category Analysis (domestic/global)

  • Development, testing and refinement of Value Propositions

  • Defence Sector capture execution and embedded BD support and/or coaching

  • Industry and Government engagement 

Business Meeting


Defence Trade Shows present a valuable and cost-effective opportunity to engage key decision makers, end users, influencers and stakeholders in one place.


DIAS has a strong track-record of supporting clients at National and International Tradeshows, Conferences and Events.


Some of these services may include:

  • Pre-event planning:  Defining the strategic intent  and developing a detailed Event Engagement plan, identifying relevant value propositions, activities and audiences

  • Event Participation, industry engagement activities and facilitating warm connections​

  • Post-event support, actions and relationship-building​


In 2023 and 2024, DIAS supported a large number of our clients at a diverse range of domestic and international Defence-focused Tradeshows and Events, including but not limited to:

  • Avalon Air Show – Victoria, Australia

  • DSEI – London, United Kingdom

  • Indo Pacific International Maritime Expo, Sydney Australia

  • Sea Air Space - Washington DC, USA

Tradeshow and Event Campaigns
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