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Defence Readiness and Capability Development Uplift

The Australian Defence environment is dynamic and has changed markedly in recent years. Rapid changes in the global strategic environment has led to a strong Government focus and commitment to building a resilient and internationally competitive defence industrial base.


DIAS primarily exists to realise Defence capability outcomes through helping Defence industry to achieve its full potential. Many Defence Small-to-Medium Enterprises have extensive and highly valued technical capabilities but lack Defence-specific business capabilities and/or capacity to realise this potential. 


DIAS has a proven methodology to assess business readiness, develop enhancement programs and support uplift.


DIAS has previously provided Defence Readiness and Capability uplift services to several SMEs, as well as developing and delivering Uplift Programs on behalf of Defence Primes and/or Industry organisations to supply chain members.


Examples of the services and training provided under this Stream include:


  • Defence Sector, Capability Lifecycle and Policy Awareness 

  • Defence Procurement, ASDEFCON and Process Awareness

  • Business Maturity Assessments

  • Business process improvement and embedded support

  • Continuous Improvement Framework Development and Support

  • Defence Specific Legal Services (through our trusted partner)

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