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Tiffany Watkins

Senior Consultant

Tiffany’s recent experience in Defence Industry has included providing support to Defence Primes in developing supply chains, building Australian Industry Capability (AIC) frameworks and preparing tender responses.  In addition, Tiffany has actively assisted several SME to enhance Defence readiness/commercial capabilities and to develop/implement business capture strategies, including undertaking stakeholder engagement activities and facilitating introductions. 

Tiffany has directly contributed to a number of these Primes and SME achieving success within the Defence industry, through both the award of contracts, achievement of innovation and enhancement of business maturity. 

Tiffany’s experience in Defence Industry builds upon an extensive career in the Department of Defence, where Tiffany led and supported a number of complex Defence procurement programs, across all phases of the procurement lifecycle. 


Tiffany’s professional experience is complemented by an Executive Masters in Business, professional certification as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and a graduate of the Defence Industry Study Course. 


Tiffany Watkins
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